The worst constructed play is a Bach fugue when compared to life.
   Helen Hayes
   1900 - 1993

“Life is so busy and crazy for families. When our students come to MHNS, this is their place to just be and have fun.” – Tera


“I consider myself a facilitator of great play. I set up an amazing environment for my students. I let them explore, experiment, and try things on. I support them, comment on what they’re doing, and cheerlead along the way.” – Cherie


“At MHNS, we want kids to try new things, reach for their potential, and feel comfortable with who they are.” – Michelle


“The attachments to MHNS are lifelong. At the school’s 50th anniversary celebration, for example, I watched as a teenage girl wiggled into a cubby while laughing, ‘This was my cubby when I was a student here! Look, I can still fit into it!'” – Sarah


“Kids need stability and routine and structure. They need to be loved. They need to know this is a safe place to be.” – Trish


“Learning through play is the way you can immerse curriculum benchmarks and standards in the children’s natural environment. Play makes learning more purposeful and meaningful to them.” – Trish


“The kids always have a different perspective on things and a joy for life. It makes me slow down and appreciate the little things.” – Jennifer


“We learn as much from the kids as they learn from us.” – Jennifer


“At MHNS, we show kids that you never stop learning, and that you can learn in so many ways – from friends, from books, from playing.” – Connie


“Once you’re a Meeting House friend, you’re always a Meeting House friend.” – Connie


“You can’t get a warmer feeling than what we’ve got at MHNS. This is because of the people in our building – the staff, the kids, and the parents.” – Connie


“I’m passionate about everything I teach, but when the kids are passionate in return about what they’re learning, I feel like I’ve done my job.” – Courtney