Our twos program emphasizes self-help skills, adjusting to a classroom routine, learning to play with others, and learning to be confident at school.  100_2067

  • Our daily schedule includes free choice, group time, outside play/large motor time, snack time, and music & movement.
  • Rotating thematic units
  • Room 3 has two teachers and ten students
  • You may enroll your child in a three-hour morning session (8:45-11:45am) or a three-hour afternoon session (12:45-3:45pm)
  • You may enroll your child for two days a week (Tuesday/Thursday) or for three days a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
  • Lunch Bunch, AM Extended, and PM Extended are not available for children in our twos program
  • Your child must be two on or before September 1 to be eligible for enrollment
  • Your child does not need to be toilet-trained

In Our Own Words

Room 3 teachers Cherie and Tera realize the importance of their role, explaining that for most of their students, it’s their first time away from mom and dad. “We’re really the first adults outside of their homes that they learn to trust. They look to us for everything. It’s a wonderful feeling,” says Tera.

Cherie agrees. “We consider ourselves the ‘starter class’ at Meeting House. We provide the very beginnings of school. Our kids get a foot in the school environment, but it’s still very loving and nurturing for them.”

So what is it like to work with a group of energetic and curious two-year-olds? “Everything is still fresh and new for them, so it’s super fun,” says Cherie. “A tent! What could be better than a tent?! A worm on the ground! What is more interesting than a worm on the ground?! Our students remind us that, as adults, we can find joy in the little things.”

Intentionally, the class routine is kept simple because the children are so young. The teachers focus on key concepts such as playing (alone and with others), sharing, conflict resolution, following instructions, and adhering to a classroom routine. “Room 3 is where all of these basic things start,” Tera says.

During the course of the school year, Cherie and Tera work to instill in their students three over-arching skills that provide a strong foundation for the rest of their time at MHNS and beyond:

  1. The ability to separate from parents. “We want our children to be confident and secure. We want them to trust that school is a safe, fun, and wonderful place,” says Cherie.
  2. Self-help. Cherie and Tera teach their students how to put on coats, take off boots, and wash their hands – all by themselves. “We don’t care if it takes awhile. We’ll offer help as needed,” says Cherie.
  3. How to make connections. “We provide a wide variety of rich experiences in the classroom so that our students can learn to make connections in the world around them,” explains Cherie. “For instance, when we talk about birds, we’ll read the book Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert, we’ll have an art project using glue and feathers, and we’ll provide an activity at the sensory table with birds and nests.”