What is 4K?
  • Play-based curriculum (currently being used at Meeting House).
  • “Creative Curriculum” is the choice of MMSD and is the curriculum that we will use.  It is not a “canned curriculum” of pre-planned activities. It is a basic outline of developmentally appropriate goals (currently being used at Meeting House).
  • 2 ½ hours per day; Monday-Friday; September 1, 2016-June 9, 2017.
  • The Meeting House teachers who teach 4K are licensed by the State (a requirement for 4K).
Who is eligible for 4K?
  • Children who are 4 years of age on or before September 1, 2016.  There is no process for early admittance into 4K.
  • Families who reside in the Madison Metropolitan School District will receive the 2 ½ hours of 4K AT NO CHARGE.
  • Families who reside outside of the MMSD whose home school district has a 4K program may apply for ‘Open Enrollment’ and if granted by MMSD may participate in 4K in a Madison 4K site.
  • Currently enrolled Meeting House families have priority for the 4K spots at Meeting House.
  • Families can enroll for 4K and attend in an MMSD public school building or in a community early learning site like Meeting House.
Will transportation be provided?
  • If a family needs transportation MMSD will provide it but you will not have a choice as to the 4K site.
  • Meeting House is NOT a transportation site (MMSD will not be busing children to and from our building).  If you want to enroll in our 4K you are responsible for your own transportation.
What will the schedule be?
  • Monday-Friday  AM: 8:45-11:15 or  PM: 12:45-3:15.
  • Our regular schedule (non-4K) is 8:45-11:45  or 12:45-3:45.
  • We will offer “4K Enrichment” for those who wish to register.  This session includes literacy enrichment, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities, cooperative games, and other activities.  This extra ½ hour at the end of the session is a nice option if you have a younger sibling who is attending the regular program, you’d like a little extra time for your child or you enroll in our Lunch Bunch program.
  • Lunch Bunch and AM extended programs will also be available.
  • Tuition will be charged for any extended programs (4K Extended Day, Lunch Bunch, AM extended).
  • In lieu of our usual “Portfolio/media fee” 4K children are given a supply list and asked to bring the items to school.
Will the 4K at Meeting House follow the MMSD school calendar?
  • We are required to provide 437 hours of “instructional time” for 4K.  To do so our school year will start and end on the same days as the MMSD schools (Sept. 1, 2016-June 9, 2017).
  • Winter Break (2 weeks in December/January) CLOSED; will be the same as MMSD.
  • Spring Break (1 week in March or April) CLOSED; will be the same as MMSD.
  • Martin Luther King Day (Jan.) CLOSED; will be the same as MMSD
  • Closures for Parent-Teacher conferences and Staff in-service days will NOT be the same as MMSD.
  • There will be no Monday early release (MMSD releases elementary schools early on Mondays).
Who will teach the 4K classes?
  • Teachers who teach the 4K classes are required by the State of Wisconsin to hold a valid teaching license.  Several of our current Meeting House teachers hold licenses and will be our 4K teachers.
How do I register for 4K?
  • If you are a Madison resident:  You will apply to Meeting House AND MMSD.  Meeting House forms are available for pick up in our Office January 19, 2016.  Currently enrolled families need to turn in forms by January 25, 2016.  You must also register on-line (www.mmsd.org) print off the form and take it to your neighborhood elementary school or Meeting House on February 1, 2016 from 9am-4pm.  (Note:  If your neighborhood school does not offer a 4K program, you may register at any elementary school that offers 4K.) You must bring proof of residency (utility bill; mortgage bill), proof of your child’s age (birth certificate; baptismal record) and immunization record.
  • If you are NOT a Madison resident and your home school district offers 4K you may apply for Open Enrollment at the Dept. of Public Instruction website (http://dpi.wi.gov/sms/psctoc.html) on February 1-April 30, 2016.  MMSD will notify families in April of their decision regarding open enrollment requests.  You must also apply at Meeting House. (See the information in the above paragraph regarding registration packets and due dates).
  • Families who are NOT currently enrolled in Meeting House will need to enroll at Meeting House and at their neighborhood school.  MMSD will notify Meeting House that a request for placement has been made.  New family forms are processed after current families are placed and if a space is available at Meeting House you will be placed here.  If there is not a space at Meeting House, MMSD will find you a spot at another location.
What are the benefits of enrolling in 4K at Meeting House?
  • Nurturing, experienced, licensed early childhood teachers.
  • State Licensed and City of Madison Accredited program meeting the highest standards of early care and education.
  • Our classrooms and playground are specifically designed for children aged 2-5 years old.
  • Continuity of care and honoring attachments—children can remain in a familiar place with familiar teachers.
  • Small class sizes:  maximum 10:1 child/staff ratio (MMSD school sites will have 15:1).
  • As a partnering agency for MMSD 4K our teachers have access to professional development sessions.
  • Each 4K program is required to provide 87.5 hours of family outreach (parent programs, home-school activities).  This year MMSD is providing each child with a take home activity bag and monthly home activity calendars.