Cherie’s Treasure Boxes

Posted on Apr 24, 2012

Little children (especially two-year-olds) love to put things into other things! This treasure box project gives kids the chance to do this while strengthening their fine motor skills and concentration.

Collect a variety of containers that can hold treasures.  Examples include: small jewelry boxes, margarine tubs with lids, travel toothbrush holders, baby food containers, zippered coin purses, or even empty dental floss boxes.  It’s easy to find these types of containers–if you don’t have them around your house (check out what’s in your junk drawer!), you can find them at a dollar store, thrift store, or garage sale.

Next, collect a variety of “treasures” that will fit into your containers, such as large buttons, shells, sponges, tongue depressors, large metal washers, pieces of felt or fabric, milk jug lids, rocks, short pieces of rope, or any other treasures you may have!  Gather all of the items into a basket or box so that your child can explore them and then place them in the container(s) on-hand.

Over time, add to/change the containers and treasures as needed to make the activity “new.”

Supervise carefully if objects are small enough to choke on.