About the School

All the teachers at MHNS hold degrees/credentials in Early Childhood Education. MHNS staff has worked at the school for an impressive total of nearly 135 years! Their experience at MHNS ranges from one year to 35.

MHNS has five classrooms: Room 3 serves our two-year-olds, Rooms 1 and 5 serve our three-year-olds, and Rooms 2 and 4 serve our four-year-olds. Two fenced playgrounds adjoin the classrooms: the “whale yard” and the “treehouse yard” offer a variety of large motor equipment and activities.log walking


MHNS leases the west wing of the First Unitarian church. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who is noted for his prairie style homes and organic architecture, the church is a national landmark visited by architects, students and tourists from around the world.